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Treat your bride like a princess in a luxury Bentley rental Singapore wedding car, impress your friends and family, and liven up your wedding photos! Our expert decorators can design unique, custom floral decorations and add gorgeous decals and other accoutrements to make your bridal car Singapore just as special as your wedding day deserves. We offer every wedding rental Singapore amenity you can imagine, in a variety of different packages so you can customize your experience!

It’s just important that the company you rent your perfect wedding car sg from treat you well. That’s why we treat each and ever one of our valued clients like royalty. Whether they’re seeking an exotic car rental, wedding carriages Singapore style, or a wedding limo rental.

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Wedding Car Rentals

Your wedding car is so much more than just a ride to and from your wedding reception. When you rent a stylish wedding car, it is an opportunity to guarantee that all the heads will turn when you arrive at one of the most important days of your life. After all, you have spent so much time ensuring that your wedding gown and venue look amazing, it would be a shame if your wedding car failed to make the same impression.

Thanks to all the different styles that are available nowadays, couples have other choices than the traditional limo. How about a convertible? It can make a great photo if you can just pop open the sunroof. If you are unsure about the weather or do not want to ruin your hair, how about a model that is a bit more vintage? Or, how about something slightly sporty?

When your wedding reception has a specific theme, your wedding car can complement your theme. So, if you have a more laid-back wedding reception in mind, a quirky car such as the much-loved Volkswagen Beetle will be the perfect addition. Ultimately you must pick a wedding car rental that will suit your type of wedding reception and personalities the best. Though, you can never go wrong with a white wedding car rental as white cars always stand out in any wedding photoshoot no matter what the color scheme is.

After you have finalized your wedding car rental, do not forget to decorate your car with some flowers and ribbons. Pop in a compilation of your all-time favorite songs and you are sure to arrive in the right romantic mood for your special day. Oh, and on your drive back be sure that you add a “Just Married” sign of course.

Though, who said that your wedding car is only for your own enjoyment? Apart from your wedding car playing a key role in your wedding photoshoot, it can be a great way to take your entire bridal party with you, especially if your wedding reception is quite a distance away. You do not have to invite them to ride with you in your wedding car rental, though it can be one less thing that they have to worry about (meaning they have more time to devote to you). Plus, a lot of valuable time can be saved if you and your bridal party ride in the same car.

Otherwise, what about getting two wedding car rentals? You can rent a smaller car for you and your better half and a bigger one for your entourage. As you will most likely not require the vehicles after you have arrived at your wedding reception, you can ask if it is possible for you only to rent the cars for the time that you will be using them.

So, if you want to arrive at the aisle with a smile, a wedding car rental is definitely a must.